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My Story

I was born in China. Both my parents worked in a factory manufacturing ball bearings. I went to the nursery inside the factory, where my mum came to breastfeed me every couple of hours when she had a break. My earliest memory was riding on the steel gate of the factory with my brother and swinging, making squeaky noises. The smell of iron and rust mixed with oil still has claiming effects on me even now. 

I went to university to do Industrial Engineering, which is about optimising manufacturing operations and improving management decision making with mathematics and statistics. The techniques I learned back then are used in my everyone work and life. It's extremely useful to have handy tools to set a goal or multiple goals and priorities them. All my subsequent jobs have an element in optimising and decision making. I worked in Southeast England Development Agency to attract foreign direct investment into the UK to create new jobs. The international companies I won over have created thousands of new jobs here. Now I have a startup company specialised in decision making sciences. I do probabilistic analysis. My research has been reported widely by the media including the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and the Daily Mail

I'm a working mum with a young child, with first-hand experience in special educational needs and disability (SEND). I promote universal free childcare because I know how expensive it is and almost all parents find it far too expensive. And full-time carers are paid far below the minimum wage, which is simply unfair. I love technology and encourage people to use hybrid meetings whenever possible. I wrote a guide on how to host hybrid meetings with minimal hardware requirements

Please choose me if you think your constituency needs an MP focusing on the business and the economy. 

Photo above: in Labour Annual Conference, 2021

Photo below: in Ansteel as a summer intern, 1997 or 1998

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Juemin Xu in Ansteel, 1997 or 1998.png
My Story: Image
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