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I'm standing for the National Women's Committee

Speak up for women. Prioritise women. Encourage women.

As a first generation immigrant from China, I have been living here for 23 years. I’m a mother with a special needs child. I want to help make the country I have chosen to live in a better place. Being a Women’s Officer, I campaign for women to be active in the party. We achieved an all-five-women delegation to our recent regional conference. It’s not so long ago that women won legal equality. We cannot take our rights for granted. Therefore, I’m standing to be a member of the NWC to:

1. Speak up for women’s sex-based rights and defend the rights to freedom of belief and expression.

2. Fight against misogyny, the root cause of violence against women and girls.

3. Help resolve any conflicts between the rights of women and rights of others.

4. Prioritise women’s needs and scrutinise Labour's procedures and policies from women's point of view.

5. Encourage women to be active in the party and stand for office. Promote virtual access, hybrid meetings and childcare reimbursement.

Women’s Officer in Greenwich and Woolwich CLP. Supported by Labour Women’s Declaration. Please also nominate and vote for Louise Irvine.

A PDF of the above statement is available here. Feel free to contact me via email, or Twitter @JueminXuLabour.

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How to support us

1. Nominate us for National Women's Committee. You may nominate the candidates at your women’s branch or CLP. You may ask your CLP secretary or Women's Officer if your CLP has a different procedure. The deadline for CLPs to submit their nominations is 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2023. Details can be found on the Labour Party website:


2. Stand as a delegate to Women’s Conference, if you are a woman. Each CLP can elect up to two delegates to the Women's Conference. If a second delegate is sent, one delegate should be a Disabled, BAME, or LGBT+ woman. If you are a woman, please put yourself forward as a delegate of your CLP. Please also encourage other women who may support us to stand. Your CLP secretary or Women's Officer should have already received the email about delegate registration. The deadline for CLPs to register their delegates is also 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2023.

3. Keep us informed. Please reply to this email to let us know the date when your CLP will nominate candidates for National Women's Committee and elect Women’s Conference delegates. If you have already had the meeting, please email us the names of the delegates, the nominations and your CLP.

4. Spread the message. Please circulate this email to your CLP Secretary,  Women's Officer and Labour members who might be interested.

PDF guide is here

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