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Juemin Xu for Nation Policy Forum

National Policy Forum: Welcome

Juemin Xu L1934085 (click here for pdf)

I'd like to be a representative in the Nation Policy Forum to share our local issues in London, and discuss national and international issues. I am particularly interested in disability rights, carers’ rights, women’s rights and childcare. One policy I want to promote is Universal Free Childcare ( from age 0. This will be as revolutionary as the creation of the NHS. It is another chance for Labour to create a national treasure. Everyone can relate to children’s welfare, even if they don’t benefit from it directly. It’s good for the economy: nearly 1/3 of the population (mothers) would not suffer permanent income loss due to a “maternity penalty”. It would cost £7bn per year (5% of the NHS budget) to cover all children from 0 to 4. It would reduce inequality because childcare is costly and it’s good for business: employers don’t lose well-trained staff. Another policy I promote is to increase full-time carers’ allowance. The current policy is: if you take care of somebody more than 35 hours a week, you get £67 a week. With the benefit cap of the universal credit, that’s impossible to live on. In the current climate of high inflation, it’s even more difficult. I have spoken on these issues at the Labour conference last year ( and at the Women’s conference this year (

If I become a member of the Nation Policy Forum, I will discuss with other representatives about issues which are fundamental for Labour.


Women’s co-officer in Greenwich and Woolwich CLP

Social media coordinator

Greenwich West branch secretary

CLP delegate to the annual conference 2021

CLP delegate to the women’s conference 2022

Promoting hybrid meetings in the CLP and beyond.

Psychologist and entrepreneur. Founder of an artificial intelligence start-up of decision-making science. Mother of a child with autism and learning disabilities. Hands-on expert on special educational needs and disability (SEND). Chair of Parent Council at Invicta Primary School.

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