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My vision for Southampton Itchen

Bring investment, create jobs. I’m a great enthusiast of Southampton. I worked closely with Southampton City Council’s inward investment team for years when I was working for the South East England Development Agency under the previous Labour government. My team brought investors and created thousands of jobs in Hampshire, a large proportion of which came to Southampton. Southampton is the favourite location for many investors because of its port, industrial facilities, and universities. Southampton is a great city to live and work.

Invest in infrastructure, build a green transport system. I will fight for more infrastructure investment in Southampton. We need to research into innovative ways to build a clean, green and sustainable transport system to reach the goal of zero emission.

Invest in Sure Start, expand free childcare. Sure Start is a great Labour initiative. It has been proven effective to improve children’s welfare. A Labour government will invest more to expand free childcare to help all children and their families, because 97% parents find it too expensive.

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